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The meaning behind the logo and the name 

Pilates Kollektive academy and studio is located in Orangeville, Ontario. Founded in 2019, the company amalgamated with Core Studio, a Toronto-based studio during the pandemic. 


Monica Plewes established Core Studio in Toronto in 2005, with the intention to motivate others to “Live life from the Core”. She chose the name Core to reflect the centre, the innermost part, the heart and soul, and the essential part of an idea or experience. The logo represents a seed of life in the womb with the petals suggesting expansion. 

Today, the company has grown into offering their own contemporary teacher training program, the Core Pilates Method, through host locations in Canada while also continuing to offer classical pilates education for the internationally renowned Power Pilates. 


The meaning behind the name ‘Pilates Kollektive’ expands on the intention of Core - to create a community of individuals working together to share their love of Pilates to help people move better and feel better. 

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