About Pilates Kollektive

Pilates Kollektive opened just two months prior to the pandemic, on January 20, 2020. Our studio has since then evolved to include both in-studio, hybrid and online group pilates reformer, springwall and mat classes.  The studio in Orangeville is located at the bottom level of the PhysioMed and Trainer Games facility on the north-east corner of Broadway and Highway 10.

A boutique pilates experience

Choosing level of class

When choosing level of class, keep in mind that the level does not indicate level of intensity, but level of familiarity with the set up of equipment and exercises. Every class is designed to offer a total body workout, and focus on getting the right muscles to work. We believe that the essence of Pilates lies in the detail and precision of movement and that joining higher level classes with more complicated movement patterns before learning how to connect to the core, is like building a house without the foundation. 

Reformer 1 classes is open for everyone, including those that are injured or has chronic conditions. With a deliberate pace, participants have time to learn to set up and adjust the reformer throughout class.

A Reformer 1-2 class builds on the exercises learned in Reformer 1-2, with beginner and intermediate options during class, whereas a 

Reformer level 2-3 class follows a quick flow with little set up instruction as participants know the exercises by name. 

Fast track your practice and focus on you with private custom-tailored pilates lessons based your specific interests and needs. If you are injured or have a chronic condition, ask us about how our clinical pilates program can be a part of your treatment program, which is covered by most extended health care plans.

Why Pilates Kollektive

Suitable for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced 

Flexible Schedule

Private and Group Sessions 

Certified Instructors

No Membership Required

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