Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

How do I get started? +

Click here to answer a few questions about yourself and Monica will connect with you shortly after. Click here to create your personal account in our scheduling system and book a class or private lesson online. All classes and sessions are by appointment only.

Iā€™m new to Pilates. Do I have to take beginner classes? +

Yes. We use classical reformers, towers, and other equipment in our group classes so we want you to understand it and be able to use it safely. We recommend starting with three one-on-one lessons (intro offer available), or by attending open level mat classes.

What is required my first visit? +

Once you have completed the registration details and waiver online before your class, all you have to do is to arrive five minutes early for your class. We advise not to eat heavily 2 hours before your workout.

What should I wear? +

Comfortable athletic wear that allows full range of motion. Please do not wear jewelry, or clothing with buttons and zippers as these damage our equipment. Please wear socks for Pilates (ideally anti-slip socks which we have at the studio for loan or purchase). If wearing shorts, please make sure they have good coverage, even for exercises where the legs are moving above you in the air.

Is Pilates for men? +

Absolutely! Not only was Joseph Pilates a male himself, but many professional athletes and sports teams incorporate Pilates into their training to improve their performance.



Injuries & Conditions

I have a back/shoulder/knee injury or a chronic condition that affects my ability to exercise. Can I do Pilates? +

Yes, Pilates is an excellent way to rehabilitate injuries and other conditions. Our instructors are trained in how to modify exercises for different injuries. Depending on the nature of your condition, it may be necessary to take a few private lessons before moving into our Reformer Rehab group classes.

Is the Reformer Rehab class different than the other classes? +

While all Pilates focus on strengthening the body from the inside out, rehabilitative pilates can help with all types of injuries, including low back, spinal conditions, sports injuries, osteoporosis, and scoliosis. In these classes, we focus even more on the biomechanics of the movement, and work at a deliberate pace to allow time for each participant in class to adapt and modify exercises as needed.

I am pregnant. Can I attend Pilates at your studio? +

Yes, our teachers are trained in prenatal Pilates. Returning clients can continue to attend group classes and new moms-to-be may attend select group classes, private and semi-private lessons. Ask us for guidance!