Core Pilates Method

Contemporary Teacher Training

Pilates Kollektive offers a one-of-a-kind teacher training program that honours the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates. Our training aims to make Pilates inclusive and available to everyone, all ages and abilities, including those that are injured and special populations. We strive to develop skilled, safe and effective instructors that helps people move better and feel better with the ability to teach anywhere; in a studio, gym, online, and in a clinical setting. 

Our module-based training allow students to take the training at their pace while working toward a Comprehensive Certification.


Module 1:     Mat 1

Module 2:     Reformer 1

Module 3:     Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels 1

Module 4:     Special Populations & Injuries 1

Module 5:     Mat 2

Module 6:     Reformer 1-2

Module 7:     Reformer 2

Module 8:     Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels 2

Module 9:     Special Populations & Injuries 2

Module 10:   Mat 3 

Module 11:   Reformer 3

Module 12:   Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels 3

Each Mat module can be taken at your own pace and you can start teaching at each level of completion. An assessment based certificate is issued upon successful examination of each level: 


Module 1:      Fundamental Mat Certificate

Module 5:      Intermediate Mat Certificate

Module 10:    Advanced Mat Certificate

Starting at the Fundamental level, each module can be taken at your own pace. You can start teaching at each level of completion. An assessment based certificate is issued upon successful examination: 


Module 2:      Fundamental Reformer Certificate

Module 6+7:  Intermediate Reformer Certificate

Module 11:    Advanced Reformer Certificate

Our Comprehensive certification can be completed in three levels: Fundamental, Intermediate, or full Comprehensive.


In modules 1 through 4, we thoroughly break down each exercise, including the purpose and goal, muscle initiation and optimal alignment. We look at habitual movement patterns and imbalances, postural assessment, and how to modify fundamental mat exercises for individuals with the most common injuries and conditions, including pregnancy.  


In modules 5 through 8, we go further into intermediate exercises, teaching skills, the how's and why's of exercise layering and progression, and how to program based on the needs of the client in front of you. We review the use of props to intensify and modify exercises on the reformer pieces of apparatus and go deeper into anatomy and movement science. 


In modules 9 through 12, we bring it all together! These modules takes all the pieces and put it together. We break down advanced exercises into teachable components, cotinue to hone in on teaching skills, discuss advanced programming, and dive deeper into rehabilitative pilates. We discuss professionalism, etiquette, the business of Pilates and social media. 

Module 1: Fundamental Mat 


When:      OCTOBER 28-30, 2022

               Friday       4 - 8 pm 

               Saturday   12 - 7 pm 

               Sunday     10 - 5 pm 


Where:     GoYoga, Orangeville, Ontario 


Price:        Early bird: $799 (until Oct 15)  

               Regular:    $899 

Included:   Manuals, Assessment, Certificate

               3 months access to online mat library 

  • PTTM1: Mat

    Valid for 3 months
    • Training weekend, manual, exam, 3 months virtual mat library

Program hours: 

  • 18 hours in-class (weekend intensive)

  • 10 sessions of personal practice (strongly recommended)

  • 10 hours practice teaching (strongly recommended)

  • 5 hours of study and review (strongly recommended)

  • In-person or online practical assessment 

  • In-person or online written assessment