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Core Method Pilates

Teacher Training

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Our module-based Pilates teacher training certification program is strongly rooted in Classical Pilates and comes with a toolbox of Contemporary and Pre-Pilates options.

Honouring the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates, our program provides a solid foundation in the traditional Pilates method while incorporating contemporary variations and modifications to accommodate different body types, injuries, and special populations. This approach ensures that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills to adapt your teaching to meet the unique needs of your clients.

We are committed to providing a well-rounded and dynamic training experience that prepares you for a successful career in the Pilates industry. Our program aims to develop highly skilled, safe, confident, and effective Pilates teachers who can help clients move better and feel better. 

Our adaptable 10-module approach enables you to customize your learning journey according to your unique aspirations and goals as a Pilates instructor.

You will receive a certificate after completing each module, so you to start teaching right away and gain valuable experience. This real-world context enhances your learning, connecting theory to practice and maximizing your teacher training experience. It also provides immediate career opportunities and establishes a solid foundation for your professional growth.

Upon completing the 10 modules and meeting the certification requirements, you will receive a Comprehensive Certificate that signifies your expertise and competence as a Pilates instructor.

You will be ready to embark on a successful career in the Pilates industry.

Our comprehensive program aligns with reputable third-party organizations such as the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and the NPCP (National Pilates Certification Program) and accreditation. Additional accreditation and recognition is available upon completion of our comprehensive program.

​We are excited to support you throughout your journey to becoming a Pilates instructor. Join us and embark on this transformative and fulfilling path in the world of Pilates!

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